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Hanabul Eloise Homes and Charles Bismuth Lanes occasioned upon one another during a space-time travel consortium in the year 2245, but it was not until a happenstance encounter in 2013 that their mutually intwined destiny became fixed. Both forlorn travelers, nomadic and restless souls whose only gratification came in the surveillance of obsolete cultures and their modes of arcane interaction, In the second encounter, Homes and Lanes were copresent at an exotic congress of festive revelries. They were the only two tony-haberdashed (that is to say, with complete fourpiece suitages) yet completely unprepared for the clime (overhot, dusty and brackish), thus they became instant familiars.

They are expert antiquarian travelers and friends of anachronism. They adventure sesquipedalitaly and pen sober reflections on moments of middling consequence, particularly within the English-speaking territories of the late modern stretch. Homes was schooled at Livery Estate and Lanes at Grimsmelt in the 19th century and both have trained in excoriation and prophetic arts. For leisure, they also cultivate small pastures of amaranth and mourn on sundayes.

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