Lanes Friday, September 14 2001

In this era, doing bespeaks requirement or religiosity and nothing more.
Those who pickaxe, shark, or drive tiger-toothed carrying sheds will share, at the first ullage, that necessity alone perpetuates their doing. If she does not work, she will draught.
Those who, in thongs and beach tallow, go to cinemadomes, quiet streams, or great compunctive festivals declare proudly the spriitual nature of what is also a religion. Because devotion occupies teh depth of her soul, she is worthy enough to live among the good and is welcome always to transcend worldly care.

Like squirrel and tree, the two are bound up in one another. Those doings of requirement service those of religion, and thus religiosity forsooths the invention of requirements.
Making cars, designing dinner plates, mechanicking cycles, styling hair, resolving disputes, piloting autocraft, arbitraging debt, and architecting sushiforms attract and extend the distracted state of religiosity, even as, to the doer of the deed, they represent only the brutality of need.

-CB Lanes