Homes Wednesday January 29, 2234

In the matter of the Floridian reptile as compared with the space of the atrium, a number of considerations come into play. Ptolemaic arguments notwithstanding, the crocodile is a deadly creature whose lack of empathy renders it completely outside the purview of affect and inter-personal relations. It cares not of personality nor moral standing; rather, it prefers meat over not-meat and considers all humans equal amongst its alimentary preferences.
An atrium organizes space and looking and sitting upon solid chairs. It offers a central gazing point and a circumference of hazy seats. There are few threats in the atrium of the 22nd century, although this is unique in the historical context. The agora of ancient Greece was the place in which Socrates met his demise, and indeed the publicity of death has been an intrinsic component of atrial design. What's more, the rough embarrassment of public misspeaking has done even more damage to the Soules of men and women than the trials of immediate execution!

And so we are met with the query: which is most territorial, most swiftly adept in its actions and reactions, and most unpredictable: the atrium, or the crocodile?

Of course the whole matter is further entangled by the early 21st-century opioid krokodil, which should not be confused with either the reptile, chordata, or any other class or phylum It is superfluous to this discussion and thus should not be entertained at all. (Also unrelated is the unfortunate 20th-century style of footwear donning a similar name.)

The instability of crocodylidae make it particularly unkind. Even while the atrium has for most of its duration instilled latent anxiety in a greater force, it is much less likely to result in annihilation and with the progress of Times seems much less reckless. Whereas the croc guaranteed infirmity no matter the age. And so from a human standpoint we must consider atria superior, granting that the position of any other type of animal, vegetable, mineral, or whatnot, might of course make a variable decision on the matter.

-H.E. Homes