Homes Wednesday, July 16 2008

On holidays the young of all eras seek to exact defiance by way of overconsumption of potables, induction of pharmaceuticals, and, most unadvised, by way of enhanced epidermal pigmentation. To be sure there are varied works of aesthetic mellifluousness that I have seen inked upon the complexion; designs of abstract quantification which render the subject more, not less, beautiful. (I have seen exemplars of this amongst my own acquaintances, and even on the form of one Bismuth, whose lines designate some alternative real-form to which he is beholden.) But more often than not when the youths go on holiday they perform unwise addendums to their appearance. The worst of these is the depictions appropriating 17th-century Maori warrior significations, removed entirely from context and emblazoned on the bronze-chested and bare-skinned gent who hoots and hollers as he is marked with the so-called "tribal tattoo". In earlier eras the sign was an ill-translated cuneiform of Asian script, demarcating the wearer as "unique" or "idiotic". In my travels I have experienced far greater evolutions of the sign, coalescing especially in the 22nd-century invention of the transmogrifying pigmentation application. Unfortunately this too has become abused as wanton youths forge the traces of their disregard upon their shoulder-blades, marking themselves with modern-day "gifs" of laughing bananas and whatchamacallits.

-H.E. Homes