Homes Monday August 7, 2130

From dangling felines posted above the workspace to vast expansive sun-decorated territories drawn up in pixels across the screenviewer, the anachronist adventurer has always sought - nay, required - inspiration. Perchance the guidance for a future visitation to the past might be engendered by a passing monument to style, as like a building, a personage, or a piece of sidescape graffiti. The causes of generative spark are quite unknowable, but let me recount a few.

As a youth the impetus for my travel was progenital anxieties about the soap-scum dealings of 23rd-century schooling. My visits to 19th-century Eurasia were predominantly figured on edification, not adventure. And yet even then I encountered the creative impulse in the wanderings of a random beggar, whose topcoat decided to evoke a subtle 18th-century design in my mind's eye. On holiday from boarding school, then, I wandered into the smoke-filled salons of earlier and partook in hooliganism of a most delightful nature: opiates, caffeine, and cigars!

Another instance more recent I was abroad in the 21st century and came across an arcane device in an antiquary shoppe. The rounded typeface was quite curious, and the gentle numerical procedure seemed to elicit the amusement of not only myself. It was an early format of telephony! Rotary devices such as these inspire great delight and motivate the strongest desire for context. And so this sparked another trip (for I had been before, but not for any duration) to the 1970s and the hazy glitter days that they induced.

Who knows what innovation remans to be uncovered, and what tiny pieces of arcana might inspire further adventuring? The absence of certainty remains thrilling, indeed.

-H.E. Homes