Lanes Monday, November 30 1959

Against the depraved cuneiform scribblings of the village idiote, the mythological perversities hackneyed and spread by bullies with no real wisdom, and all other pie recipes, words carried on butterfly wings or dandyfance, the massive broadcast emanation distraction fo masse media cuts in.
Book manufactour, radio persuasion, television news, university knowledge, and the blue jean presses of Niger, Lanka, and Newark all serve the same ingratiating function: stimulation, owerwhelmption, amoosement, a point of utility, a trifle of value, and a coldly endless flow.

The masse media does not make experiece larger, as Herlock has claimed so boldly, or merely underplay agronomy, as was held by the critics of the 20th century; it is the thesis of Jenses and Myrtle that best describes the historical weight of possession: masse media deny teh spontaneity of self-discovery (afforded, of course, by the selftouch and autoditto) by providing readymades with better means and greater fitness than what folklore, idiocy, and the meat and muscle that cannot be duplicated would haveoffered in a thousand dimmer colors.
Needless to say, his will sound familiar to those who live with the belcher's refrain, "masse media makes me madder." Incostumably, a better million efforts will attract a richer ending, in the directed, but unaccelerated, eyeball.

-CB Lanes