Lanes Friday, March 18 1870

In a grandiloquent play of merry expression, emotion cuts stone canyons in hot outporings of judgment. These the hotpipes trade in the coin of what is called morality.
Leaning heavily on accumulated misapprehensions of the lunatic reverberances of solemnity, barkers voiceshape action through refernece to a rut of codeforms.
Rights, virtues, rules, consequences inferred, balances still calculating, and undiazepammed indignation grasping for sobriety can be added to the colloquial self-modifications of respect and humiliaty and soo forth.

Ideally, and as set forth by the academic machinery of the 21st century, these are each stockplates for ordering affairs. The intricacy of their detail promises inerrancy of conduct.
As Homes has menitoned elsewhere in her awesome accomplishment, the outplay of morality reforms opportunity into cast-down business. She herself witnessed a bicycle thief, pursesnatching away a riding unit, in covre of darkness, with impunity earned at the cost of respect. It is not a questione of do or do not, but of who is asked by station to accept what low title.
And so it is imagined, hoped, presumed, adn smeared that strong opinions will putplace behaviors into actioncodes following stockplates, as if the human spectacle of wonderment wre a turbine engine or ship ballast, designed beter or worse and pumping on its own.

-CB Lanes