Charles Bismuth Lanes
& Hanabul Elouise Homes

Inopportune Moments





Talking of Politicking in the Midst of Wine and Holiday

On Crocodilia versus Atria

Addiction Control Infrastructure

Labour Power Questiont

The Bogus Arts

Taste & Class

On commencing to write essays at burning man 2013 no.1

Homeostatic Body Chemistry

The Value of Worry

A Brief Correspondence



Fecundity Abounds Beyond the Confines of One's Gaseous Orbe

Pre*Claudean Hipsterism

North Park Produce

Where is the Party at?

The Skeleton

Pioneer Park

On the Cleaning Powers of Acetum

The Sham of Bodywork

On Bicycle Thiefs

Attention Economy

The Vagina

Pop Music

The Terror Filme


Eraplace Travel

The Love Ditty

Corollary to the Explanabraggart No. 1

Steam Punk

On the Habits of Self-Doubt

The Uncaffeinated

On Birth-Days


These New Normals

Save the Children

The Cinematographe, Radio, Screenviewers, and Harpsiphone: a Comparison

Snowy Roads and Great Rounds of Serfbread

This School Shuttle

Grotesque Design

The Business Grab

Good Cats


Curse Words

Laptop Captains

Business Garb

The Ennui of Project Completement

Time Travel Paradoxes


Proletarian Cap

Great Men

The Waiting Game

The Grillt Shrimp Plate

Lessons From Carts

The Clotheing Swappe

Mother's Dress


Masse Media

Regarding the Testing of an Essay-Diary

Hurtling Through the Sky

Drink Faddishness

Passing Time

Serfbread Delight

Auto Traffeck

Culture Tide

Experiencing Sleep

20th Century Air Travel