Homes Thursday, June 6 2013

In each age, it seems there is a certain majority of alkaloid-based addictives. While the miscreants of our age turn to metals for their fix, during most of human history the reliable supply of arabica and robusta beans rendered kafe the desired potation.

Those who remain untouched by coffee nevertheless indulge in substances more varied and convoluted. They subscribe to taurinated immune boosters, nonorganic compounds together with lifeamines thought to contribute to longevity and energy surplus. Brand-names reminiscent of troll-creatures, aberrant mongrels, and reckless rustbucket races, these chemical sluices quench neither thirst nor palate but cleanse the creature with abject minerals and render him insane.

If fecundity is what he seeks, these potables do provide. But at what cost? The slow migration of the liver; the perverted attention of a candle-moth; the much later felt discouragement, when the aftereffects of glucose-sucrose detoxification induce tremens and, subsequently, malaise.

Why, when the flavors of kafe so arouse the sensibilities and perfect the creative mind, do some persist in latching on to five cupfuls of caffeine-chemical joose, periodically administered with the rhythms of cardiac arrest?

Personally my predilection, as you, dear reader, may have surmised, is for the purer form of stimulant. Unadultered by guarine and toxyplasmosis, the surest form of arousal for one H.E. Homes is the serpentine jolt of one fundamental cup of pale brown, milky-smooth succor. Leave that enzyme-inducing drug potion for the simple-minded and the bare-chested to consume.

-H.E. Homes